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Aggregate Formation in Pyridine-Based Polymers

  • J. W. Blatchford (a1), S. W. Jessen (a1), L. B. Lin (a2), T. L. Gustafson (a2), A. J. Epsteint (a1) (a2), D. K Fu (a3), H. L. Wang (a3), T. M. Swager (a3) and A. G. Macdiarmid (a3)...


The spectroscopic properties of the pyridine-based polymer poly(p-pyridyl vinylene p-phenylene vinylene) (PPyVPV) are examined. The emission of PPyVPV in solution has small intrinsic Stokes shift with some vibronic structure. In contrast, emission from thick film samples is featureless, with a strong redshift of ˜0.5 eV versus solution. We attribute these observations to the formation of aggregate states in film samples. Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements are in accord with the diffusion of excitons to the aggregate sites. Photoinduced absorption also originates from excitons in aggregate states.



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