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Afm Study of Surface Morphology of High Dose Co Implanted Si with A Mevva Ion Source

  • Qicai Peng (a1), S.P. Wong (a1), J.B. Xu (a1) and I.H. Wilson (a1)


The surface morphology of high dose Co implanted Si has been studied by atomic force microscopy. The Co implantation was performed using a metal vapor vacuum arc (MEVVA) ion source at an extraction voltage of 60 or 70 kV to a dose of 2×l017 or 4×l017 ions cm-2 at substrate temperatures Ts ranging from 210°C to 700°C. When Ts is less than about 600°C, the surface morphology of the implanted samples shows largely similar features of densely distributed narrow asperities. However, for the sample with Ts of 700°C, the surface morphology is significantly different and shows hillocks of much larger size. It is also found that when other parameters are fixed, for Ts less than about 600°C, the root-mean-square roughness Rrms increases exponentially with 7^, from the subnanometer scale to several nanometers. But for the sample with Ts of 700°C, there is an abrupt increase in Rrms to 35 nm. The variation of the surface morphology with other parameters is also discussed.



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