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Aem Analyses of SRL 131 Glass Altered as a Function of SA/V

  • James J. Mazer (a1), John K. Bates (a1), Bruce M. Biwer (a1) and C. R. Bradley (a1)


Experimental studies of silicate glass/water reactions at low temperatures have previously identified the glass surface area-to-solution volume ratio (SA/V) as a significant rate determining parameter [1-4]. The value produced when SA/V is multiplied by reaction time, hereafter referred to as SVT, has been proposed as a scaling factor for comparing experimental results collected under different test conditions and for extrapolating short-term results to longer periods of time. Developing an understanding of the effect of SAN is needed for modeling experimental results where SA/V ranges in value or may vary during experiments. It is also useful to understand the effect of SA/V for modeling natural systems where this value almost certainly varies, such as during the hydrothermal diagenesis of natural glasses or projecting the long-term reaction of water and borosilicate nuclear waste glass in a geologic repository.



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