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Adsorption of influenza A and B viruses on detonation nanodiamonds materials

  • Marina V. Ivanova (a1), Elena I. Burtseva (a1), Valeria T. Ivanova (a1), Svetlana V. Trushakova (a1), Elena I. Isaeva (a1), Elena S. Shevchenko (a1), Aleksandra A. Isakova (a2), Anatoly A. Manykin (a1) and Boris V. Spitsyn (a2)...


This paper presents the data on sorption efficiency of nanodiamonds, detonation soot and its complexes with polyaniline for nano size biological objects: fragments of cDNA and epidemic influenza viruses, including A(H1N1, H3N2) and B strains, isolated in 1999-2010, pandemic strain A(H1N1)pdm09, influenza avian A(H5N2) viruses and reassortants A(H5N2) and A(H5N1). As the result of the sorption on detonation nanodiamonds (DND), detonation soot and their complexes with polyaniline, hemagglutination (HA) titers of virus solutions decreased by ≤ 4000 times for concentrated viruses, suspended in saline and by ≤8 times for allantoic viruses. The detonation soot was approximately 2.5 times more effective than DND. Detonation nanodiamond materials proved to be efficient sorbents for cDNA fragments of >190 bp size. No desorption of viruses from nanodiamonds and soot into saline was revealed (observation time 48 h). DND and soot at concentrations ≤ 1 mg/ml were not toxic for MDCK cells. A moderate increase of monocytes was registrated in blue rats after intra-abdominal immunization with DND+ virus complexes.



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