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Adhesion Between Anti-EphA2 Antibody-Coated AFM Tips and Breast Cancer Cells

  • Emily Paetzell (a1), Andrew Bogorad (a2), Juan Meng (a3) and Winston oluwole Soboyejo (a4)


This paper presents the results of atomic force microscope (AFM) measurements of the adhesion force between MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells and anti-EphA2 antibody-coated AFM tips. As a control, the adhesive interactions are measured between Hs578Bst normal breast cells and anti-EphA2 antibody-coated AFM tips. The measurements show conclusively that the adhesive forces to breast cancer cells are over five times greater than those to normal breast cells. The increase is attributed largely to the interactions between anti-EphA2 antibody and over-expressed EphA2 receptors that are revealed by the staining of receptor-ligand interactions. The implications of the results are discussed for the localized targeting and treatment of cancer with antibody-conjugated nanoparticles.



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Adhesion Between Anti-EphA2 Antibody-Coated AFM Tips and Breast Cancer Cells

  • Emily Paetzell (a1), Andrew Bogorad (a2), Juan Meng (a3) and Winston oluwole Soboyejo (a4)


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