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Adhesion and Tribological Properties of Ag and Ag/Ti Films on Zro2 Ceramic Substrates After Heat Treatment at 250°C

  • J. H. Hsieh (a1), O. O. Ajayi (a1), A. Erdemir (a1) and F. A. Nichols (a1)


Ag and Ag/Ti films were deposited on ZrO2 substrates by ion-beam-assisted deposition. Adhesion of these films was measured before and after heat treatment at 250°C in air. The results show that a graded interface between Ag and Ti was necessary for the Ag films to survive the heat treatment. Reciprocating pin-on-disc tests were performed at 150°C after heat treatment to investigate the relationship between adhesion and tribological properties. The failure of Ag and Ag/Ti (without graded interface) films was also observed during wear tests. However, this Ag film failure did not result in negative effects. All three Ag-coated substrates show better tribological behavior.



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