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Active Silicon Integrated Optical Circuits

  • Tim D. Bestwick (a1)


Active Silicon integrated Optical Circuits (ASOC™) is a technology based on single-mode rib waveguides formed on silicon-on-insulator that is being used to manufacture commercial integrated optics components. Silicon waveguides have excellent properties for many applications in the 1.3 and 1.55 micron telecommunications bands including relatively low loss. An important aspect of ASOC™ technology is the development of a set of waveguide-based elements that can be assembled into practical integrated optics devices. The fundamental waveguide elements include bends, couplers and fiber-waveguide interfaces, and additional elements include doped structures and waveguide gratings. Discrete lasers and photodetectors are also incorporated into ASOC™ technology to form hybrid devices. The technology is being used to manufacture devices for applications in telecomunications and optical sensing, the first major product being a two-wavelength single-fiber bi-directional optical transceiver.



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