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Actinide Selective Systems for Environmental Extraction and Sensing Applications

  • Xianghong Wu (a1), Mohan Singh Bharara (a2), Brandon K Tate (a3), Stephen A Tonks (a4), Jonah Z Vilseck (a5) and Anne Elizabeth Vivian Gorden (a6)...


The potential environmental and health concerns surrounding actinides and the use of nuclear fuels limits the acceptance of nuclear power by the public. This in turn, hinders the capability of this country to take advantage of nuclear power. Expanding our fundamental knowledge of actinide coordination chemistry will allow for the development of improved actinide sensors, new separations methods, or new means of radioactive waste remediation. We have designed and optimized a solution-phase parallel method for the synthesis of a library of symmetrical 2-quinoxalinol salens, Schiff-base type ligands with a 2-quinoxalinol incorporated into the salen backbone. This combines the rigid salen coordination framework with the quinoxaline properties that impart properties for use in colorimetric or fluorescent sensors. These have now been incorporated into organic soluble resins for metal extraction.



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