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Accuracy and Reliability of Bulge Test Experiments

  • Martha K. Small (a1), Joost J. Vlassak (a1), Stephen F. Powell (a1), Brian J. Daniels (a1) and William D. Nix (a1)...


In this paper we address possible causes for inconsistencies in bulge test results and describe methods by which the bulge test technique can be made to produce accurate and reliable results. Experiments have been conducted on a variety of materials: polyimide (PIQ13) and polycarbonate (Lexan), silver and silver-palladium multilayers, and silicon nitride. All the materials tested yield biaxial moduli that are in the range of expected values for the bulk material. In addition, the tests show that the technique can be used to differentiate between the elastic properties of materials throughout the range of elastic stiffnesses, with even crystallo-graphic texture having a notable impact on the measured modulus. These results will be presented along with the methods used for preparing bulge test samples.



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