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Acceptor Delta-Doping for Schottky Barrier Enhancement on n-Type GaAs

  • S. J. Pearton (a1), F. Ren (a1), C. R. Abernathy (a1), A. Katz (a1), W. S. Hobson (a1), S. N. G. Chu (a1) and J. Kovalchick (a1)...


The incorporation of thin C- or Zn-doped layers under metal Schottky contacts on n-type GaAs can lead to significant enhancements in the effective barrier height. A single C δ-doped layer (p = 1.3 × 1020 cm–3) within 100 Å of the surface leads to a barrier height of ∼0.9 eV, a significant increase over the value for a control sample (∼0.75 eV). The use of two sequential δ-doped layers can lead either to a further enhancement in barrier height, or a decrease depending on whether these layers are fully depleted at zero applied bias. The temperature dependence of current conduction in barrier-enhanced diodes was measured. Both the ideality factor and breakdown voltage degrade with increasing temperature. Zinc δ-doping in a similar fashion produces barrier heights of 0.81 eV for one spike and 0.95 eV for two spikes.



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