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AC Photovoltaic Inspection of P-N Junctions having High Leakage Current

  • N. Honma (a1), H. Shimizu (a1), C. Munakata (a1) and M. Ogasawara (a2)


A focused photon beam chopped at 2 kHz scans p-n junctions in a p-type Si wafer and ac photovoltages are capacitively measured in order to inspect homogeneities of the junctions. It is found that the ac photovoltages are high not only in the junction areas but also in the field oxide regions around the junctions when the junctions are leaky. This indicates that dense positively charged traps exist at the interface between the heavily boron implanted Si substrate and the field oxide layer around the high leakage junction, and that the traps cause the increase in both the junction leakage current and the ac photovoltage.



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