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Ab Initio Pseudopotential Calculations of Carbon Impurities in SI

  • Jing Zhu (a1), T. Diaz De La Rubia (a1) and Christian Mailhiot (a1)


Ab initio planewave pseudopotential method is used to study carbon diffusion and pairing in crystalline silicon. The calculation is performed with a 40 Ry planewave cutoff and 2×2×2 special k-point sampling with a supercell of 64 atoms. It is found that substitutional carbon attracts interstitial Si forming a <001> C interstitial with a large binding energy of 1.45 eV. The interstitial carbon is mobile and can migrate with a migration energy of 0.5 eV. The interstitial carbon can bind further to another substitutional carbon forming a substitutional carbon-interstitutional carbon pair with a binding energy of 1.0 eV. This model is used to understand the effect of high C concentration on the transient enhanced diffusion in Si.



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