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32nm Node Highly Reliable Cu/Low-k Integration Technology with CuMn Alloy Seed

  • Shaoning Yao (a1), Vincent McGahay (a1), Matthew S. Angyal (a1), Andrew H. Simon (a1), Tom C. Lee (a2), Cathryn Christiansen (a2), Baozhen Li (a2), Fen Chen (a2), Paul S. McLaughlin (a1), Oluwafemi O. Ogunsola (a1) and Stephan Grunow (a1)...


This paper introduces a highly reliable Cu interconnect technology at the 32 nm node with CuMn alloy seed. A CuMn alloy liner seed process combined with a non-gouging liner has been integrated into the minimum-pitch wiring level. Stress migration fails with CuMn seed at plate-below-via structures were shut down by a non-gouging liner process. Integration with gouging liner and non-gouging liner is compared, and results of interaction with CuMn seed are discussed in this paper.



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