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1MeV electron irradiation effects of GaAs/Si solar cells

  • N. Chandrasekaran (a1), T. Soga (a1), Y. Inuzuka (a1), M. Imaizumi (a2), H. Taguchi (a1) and T. Jimbo (a1)...


The characteristics of 1 MeV electron irradiated GaAs solar cells grown on GaAs and Si substrates are studied under dark and AM 0 conditions. The short circuit currents (Isc) for GaAs/GaAs cell and GaAs/Si cell have been decreased at higher fluences. The degradation rate of V oc and Pmax for GaAs/Si is slower than that of GaAs/GaAs at the fluence 1×1016 cm−2. This is due to the high radiation resistance of saturation current. It has been due to slow generation of arsnic vacancies related defect (V As ) in the GaAs/Si solar cell, which is determined by photoluminescence analyses and deep level transient spectroscopy.



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