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1/f Noise Measurements of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon-Carbon Alloys

  • H. M. Dyalsingh (a1), G. M. Khera (a1), J. Kakalios (a1), C. C. Tsai (a2) and R. A. Street (a2)...


Measurements of the optical, electronic and 1/f noise properties for a series of n-type doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbide thin films with varying gas phase concentrations of CH4 are described. The increase in the optical absorption edge of the n-type a-SiCx:H films with the addition of carbon is slower than in p-type films. Studies of the variation in the non-Gaussian statistics which characterize the 1/f noise indicate that the disorder at the mobility edge is greater for films with higher carbon concentrations.



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