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121Sb MöSsbauer Studies of Graphite–SbF5 Intercalation Compounds

  • D. H. Mcdaniel (a1), P. Boolchand (a1), W. J. Bresser (a1) and P. C. Eklund (a2)


Stage 2 samples of graphite-SbF5 intercalVtion compounds were prepared by reacting SbF5 with HOPG at 200°C for 5 days. 121Sb Mössbauer spectra taken at 4.2K reveal an intense and narrow feature in the Sb(5+) region and a weak and broad feature in the Sb(3+) region. Interpretation of these data in terms of possible Sb(5+) and Sb(3+) intercalant species is discussed in connection with chemical aspects of intercalation.



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121Sb MöSsbauer Studies of Graphite–SbF5 Intercalation Compounds

  • D. H. Mcdaniel (a1), P. Boolchand (a1), W. J. Bresser (a1) and P. C. Eklund (a2)


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