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(110) InAs Quantum Dots: Growth, Single-Dot Luminescence and Cleaved Edge Alignment

  • D. Wasserman (a1), E. A. Shaner (a1), S. A. Lyon (a1), M. Hadjipanayi (a2), A. C. Maciel (a2) and J. F. Ryan (a2)...


The formation of InAs self-assembled quantum dots on (110) GaAs substrates is demonstrated. These dots form with significantly lower densities than InAs dots grown on (100) GaAs. The low density growth mode of these InAs nanostructures allows for the fabrication of devices capable of electroluminescence from individual quantum dots. Such a device has been fabricated with conventional photolithography and its emission spectra characterized. Additionally, because GaAs cleaves naturally along the (110) crystal plane, the ability to grow InAs quantum dots on (110) GaAs substrates allows for the growth of these dots on the cleaved edges of GaAs first growth samples containing InGaAs strain layers of varying thickness and In fraction. 100% linear alignment of InAs quantum dots over these InGaAs strain layers is demonstrated.



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(110) InAs Quantum Dots: Growth, Single-Dot Luminescence and Cleaved Edge Alignment

  • D. Wasserman (a1), E. A. Shaner (a1), S. A. Lyon (a1), M. Hadjipanayi (a2), A. C. Maciel (a2) and J. F. Ryan (a2)...


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