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(100) Oriented Platinum thin Films Deposited by Dc Magnetron Sputtering On SiO 2/Si Substrates

  • Dong-Yeon Park (a1), Dong-Su Lee (a1), Min Hong Kim (a2), Tae-Soon Park (a2), Hyun-Jung Woo (a1), Euijoon Yoon (a2), Dong-ll Chun (a1) and Jowoong Ha (a1)...


Platinum(Pt) films were sputter-deposited on Si02/Si substrates under the mixed gas atmosphere of Ar and O2. Under certain deposition conditions, the films were oriented such that the (100) direction is normal to the substrate surface. The formation of the (100) texture was affected by the gas pressure and film thickness. After annealing at 650 °C for 1 hour, (100) oriented Pt films with the resistivity of pure Pt were obtained. The annealed Pt films all passed a tape adhesion test and had no defects such as hillocks or pinholes. The experimental results from this work are presented.



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