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Tension gradient self-assembly to facilely fabricate polytetrafluoroethylene coatings for oil–water separation

  • Dong Feng (a1), Ding Weng (a1), Chaolang Chen (a1) and Jiadao Wang (a1)


A facile and low-cost method based for tension gradient self-assembly was developed to prepare polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) nanofiber coatings on stainless-steel fiber felts. The PTFE particles were used as building blocks and the self-assembly process was analyzed thoroughly. After being sintered, the PTFE particles were transformed into PTFE nanofibers. The felts coated with the PTFE nanofibers exhibited superhydrophobicity and superoleophilicity, and could separate a series of oil–water mixtures with high efficiency and good reusability. The coated felts also presented excellent chemical and thermal stabilities. Over all, this approach could easily fabricate ultra-robust oil–water separation materials suitable for industrial applications.


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