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Selective laser melting of TiC/H13 steel bulk-form nanocomposites with variations in processing parameters

  • Bandar AlMangour (a1), Franklin Yu (a1), Jenn-Ming Yang (a1) and Dariusz Grzesiak (a2)


TiC/H13 nanocomposite parts were processed by selective laser melting using various energy densities; one part also underwent hot isostatic pressing (HIP). The effect of energy density and HIPing on densification, microstructure, and hardness were evaluated. It was found that the densification was not largely affected by the energy density, but the HIP-treated sample displayed a large improvement in relative density. With increasing energy density, the microstructures showed high levels of dispersion of nanoparticles, while HIP treatment coarsened the microstructure and induced agglomeration. Both HIP treatment and increased energy density lowered hardness markedly; this was likely due to annealing effects.


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Selective laser melting of TiC/H13 steel bulk-form nanocomposites with variations in processing parameters

  • Bandar AlMangour (a1), Franklin Yu (a1), Jenn-Ming Yang (a1) and Dariusz Grzesiak (a2)


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