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Reliability of inkjet printed silver nanoparticle interconnects on deformable substrates tested through an electromechanical in-situ technique

  • Martina Aurora Costa Angeli (a1), Tobias Cramer (a2), Beatrice Fraboni (a2), Luca Magagnin (a1), Dario Gastaldi (a1) and Pasquale Vena (a1)...


Inkjet printing is a promising technology providing cost-effective method for processing various materials on deformable substrates. In this work, linear and serpentine inkjet printed interconnects on two different substrates were fabricated and electromechanically characterized. A particular attention was given to the optimization of the process parameters; high quality can be achieved only printing slowly in vertical direction and optimizing the drop spacing to the specific pattern. The electromechanical results showed that the geometrical layout and printing direction strongly affect the printing quality and the electromechanical response; serpentine shapes should be preferred to straight interconnects as better gauge factors are obtained.


Corresponding author

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Reliability of inkjet printed silver nanoparticle interconnects on deformable substrates tested through an electromechanical in-situ technique

  • Martina Aurora Costa Angeli (a1), Tobias Cramer (a2), Beatrice Fraboni (a2), Luca Magagnin (a1), Dario Gastaldi (a1) and Pasquale Vena (a1)...


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