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Real-time imaging of chromophore alignment in photorefractive polymer devices through multiphoton microscopy

  • Brittany Lynn (a1), Alexander Miles (a1), Soroush Mehravar (a1), Pierre-Alexandre Blanche (a1), Khanh Kieu (a1), Robert A. Norwood (a1) and N. Peyghambarian (a1)...


A model with which to predict the effect of coplanar electrode geometry on diffraction uniformity in photorefractive polymer display devices was developed. Assumptions made in the standard use cases are no longer valid in the regions of extreme electric fields present in this type of device. Using electric-field induced second-harmonic generation through multiphoton microscopy, the physical response in regions of internal electric fields which fall outside the standard regimes of validity were probed. Adjustments to the standard model were made and the results of the new model corroborated through holographic four-wave mixing measurements.


Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to Pierre-Alexandre Blanche


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