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N-Phenyl naphthalene diimide pendant polymer as a charge storage material with high rate capability and cyclability

  • Subashani Maniam (a1), Kouki Oka (a2) and Hiroyuki Nishide (a2)


Pendent-type polymers are attractive materials which allow the flexibility to introduce various redox active moieties that facilitate rapid ion/electron transport and enable charge storage. Here, we demonstrate naphthalene diimide polymers with polynorbornene backbone having N-phenyl, PNAn 5 and N-(4-nitrophenyl), PNNO 6. Small changes in the molecular design have led to a significant difference in bulk material and device properties. PNNO 6 maintained 80% of its capacity at 1C after 10 cycles in a Li-ion coin cell. PNAn 5 displayed exceptionally high charge capacity and rate capability with excellent cyclability, maintaining almost its theoretical capacity at various C-rates throughout 500 cycles.


Corresponding author

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