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Natural eggshell membranes exhibiting programmable shape recovery characteristics

  • Chang Liu (a1) (a2), Chen Liu (a1), Qian Li (a2), Miao Song (a3), Dun Niu (a2), Mingming Ma (a4) and Xing Zhang (a1) (a5)...


In this study, a novel shape memory polymer (SMP), eggshell membrane (ESM), with macroscopic mesh structures and microscopic crosslinked protein fibers, has shown water-stimulated shape recovery characteristics. Our results show that the collagen triple-helical molecular chains and disulfide-rich motifs in the ESM function as net-points retaining essential structures during deformation, while hydrogen bonds play a key role as switch units for shape recovery through water stimulation. We also demonstrate that programmable shape recovery characteristics of ESM can be obtained by modulating the number of net-points. This study may inspire the design of new programmable SMPs.


Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to Xing Zhang, Dun Niu, Mingming Ma at,,


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Natural eggshell membranes exhibiting programmable shape recovery characteristics

  • Chang Liu (a1) (a2), Chen Liu (a1), Qian Li (a2), Miao Song (a3), Dun Niu (a2), Mingming Ma (a4) and Xing Zhang (a1) (a5)...


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