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Increasing surface charge density by effective charge accumulation layer inclusion for high-performance triboelectric nanogenerators

  • Aravind Narain Ravichandran (a1), Marc Ramuz (a1) and Sylvain Blayac (a1)


Powering autonomous electronic devices is a key challenge toward the development of smart sensor networks. In this work, a state-of-the-art triboelectric nanogenerator is devised to enhance the output performance with an effective surface charge density of 70.2 µC/m2, which is 140 times higher than the initial results. Thin film Parylene-C material is deposited to increase charge accumulation by allowing the acceptance of more charges and enhance output performance by a factor of 10. By considering the merit of simple fabrication, we believe the effective charge inclusion layer will be an ideal energy source for low-power portable electronics.


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