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Graphene nanohybrids for enhanced catalytic activity and large surface area

  • Sabeen Fatima (a1), S. Irfan Ali (a2), Daniyal Younas (a1), Amjad Islam (a3), Deji Akinwande (a4) and Syed Rizwan (a1)...


Nanohybrids containing graphene and bismuth ferrite have been actively employed as efficient photo-catalysts these days owing to the low rate of charge carrier's (e–h+) recombination, moderate surface area with a suitable range of band-gaps. We have synthesized nanohybrids of graphene oxide (GO) and doped BiFeO3 using a co-precipitation method and the doping elements were lanthanum and manganese, hence called BLFMO/GO nanohybrids. The surface area of BLFMO [La = 15% increased from 6.8 m2/g (for pure) to 62.68 m2/g (in nanohybrid)]. Also, the bandgap of the BLFMO/GO nanohybrid reduced significantly up to 1.75 eV. The resulting BLFMO/GO nanohybrid represents significantly higher catalytic activity (96% in 30 min) than the pure BiFeO3 (30% in 30 min).

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      Graphene nanohybrids for enhanced catalytic activity and large surface area
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      Graphene nanohybrids for enhanced catalytic activity and large surface area
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      Graphene nanohybrids for enhanced catalytic activity and large surface area
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Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to Syed Rizwan at


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