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Ferroelectric domain engineering of lithium niobate single crystal confined in glass

  • Keith Veenhuizen (a1), Sean McAnany (a2), Rama Vasudevan (a3), Daniel Nolan (a4), Bruce Aitken (a4), Stephen Jesse (a3), Sergei V. Kalinin (a3), Himanshu Jain (a2) and Volkmar Dierolf (a5)...


Ferroelectric single-crystal-architecture-in-glass is a new class of metamaterials that would enable active integrated optics if the ferroelectric behavior is preserved within the confines of glass. We demonstrate using lithium niobate crystals fabricated in lithium niobosilicate glass by femtosecond laser irradiation that not only such behavior is preserved, the ferroelectric domains can be engineered with a DC bias. A piezoresponse force microscope is used to characterize the piezoelectric and ferroelectric behavior. The piezoresponse correlates with the orientation of the crystal lattice as expected for unconfined crystal, and a complex micro- and nano-scale ferroelectric domain structure of the as-grown crystals is revealed.


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