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Fabrication of Mn-CeO x /polyphenylene sulfide functional composites by an in situ reaction for low-temperature NO reduction with NH3

  • Weijie Zheng (a1), Yuying Zheng (a1), Jian Chen (a1) and Yanbing Zhang (a2)


Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) has good corrosion resistance, chemical stability, and thermal stability, which was widely applied in precipitator field. In this paper, a novel in situ synthesis protocol was selected to fabricate the Mn–CeO x /PPS functional composites with excellent low-temperature denitration activity. Results show that the as-obtained Mn–CeO x /PPS filter possessed of superb denitration activity at 180 °C under a weight hourly space velocity of 210,000 mL/gcat/h, which may be stemmed from the generation of amorphous and well-dispersed mixed metal oxide catalysts.


Corresponding author

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Fabrication of Mn-CeO x /polyphenylene sulfide functional composites by an in situ reaction for low-temperature NO reduction with NH3

  • Weijie Zheng (a1), Yuying Zheng (a1), Jian Chen (a1) and Yanbing Zhang (a2)


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