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Excitonic nonlinear optical properties in AlN/GaN spherical core/shell quantum dots under pressure

  • N. Aghoutane (a1), M. El-Yadri (a1), A. El Aouami (a1), E. Feddi (a1), G. Long (a2), M. Sadoqi (a2), F. Dujardin (a3), Chuong V. Nguyen (a4), Nguyen N. Hieu (a5) and Huynh V. Phuc (a6)...


This work is based on a recent theoretical study of how the hydrostatic pressure and core/shell sizes affect the optical properties associated with the transition from the ground state to first excited state (1s–1p), of an exciton confined in spherical core/shell quantum dots (SCSQDs). We have computed under an effective mass framework, linear, third-order nonlinear, and total absorption coefficients (AC) and refractive index (RI) as functions of photon energy for different sizes of SCSQDs with varying hydrostatic pressure. Our results show that the optical absorption is deeply dependent on the incident light intensity. Both AC and RI significantly influenced by the confinement and pressure effects.


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