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Elastic behavior of a core–shell metal–carbon nanotube composite foam

  • Kassiopeia A. Smith (a1), Mohamad B. Zbib (a2), David F. Bahr (a2) and Maxime J-F. Guinel (a3)


A simple method was used to electrodeposit a metallic coating on vertically aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays, herein referred to as turfs, creating an open cell, core–shell foam. The foam exhibited highly elastic behavior, approaching the amount of elastic recovery in compression of a pure CNT turf. The turfs were pre-treated with an acid bath, and were electroplated at low voltages with nickel and copper. This simple method can be expanded to prepare a large variety of nanostructured foams (e.g., the carbon support can be changed, the metal deposited selected and its thickness controlled) while maintaining their mechanical robustness.


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Elastic behavior of a core–shell metal–carbon nanotube composite foam

  • Kassiopeia A. Smith (a1), Mohamad B. Zbib (a2), David F. Bahr (a2) and Maxime J-F. Guinel (a3)


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