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Effect of the ligand in the crystal structure of zinc oxide: an x-ray powder diffraction, x-ray absorption near-edge structure, and an extended x-ray absorption fine structure study

  • María de los A. Cepeda-Pérez (a1), Cristina M. Reyes-Marte (a1), Valerie Ann Carrasquillo (a1), William A. Muñiz (a1), Edgar J. Trujillo (a1), Rahul Singhal (a2), Harry Rivera (a3) and Mitk'El B. Santiago-Berríos (a1)...


We analyze the effect of functionalization in the surface of zinc oxide crystal structure by 3-mercaptopropionic acid. X-ray powder diffraction data and extended x-ray absorption fine structure studies confirms a wurtzite structure. However, the morphology of the surface seems to be reduced and shows a film-like surface as demonstrated by x-ray absorption near edge structure and scanning electron microscopy. As a result of surface functionalization, the energy levels of the semiconductor were shifted toward reductive potentials (by 50 mV) as determined by diffuse reflectance and cyclic voltammetry.


Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to Mitk'El B. Santiago-Berríos at


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