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Determination of the barrier height of iridium with hydrogen-terminated single crystal diamond

  • Yan-Feng Wang (a1), Wei Wang (a1), Xiaohui Chang (a1), Juan Wang (a1), Jiao Fu (a1), Tianfei Zhu (a1), Zongchen Liu (a1), Yan Liang (a1), Dan Zhao (a1), Zhangcheng Liu (a1), Minghui Zhang (a1), Kaiyue Wang (a1) (a2), Hong-Xing Wang (a1) and Ruozheng Wang (a1)...


Direct determination of barrier height (ΦBH) value between Ir and single crystal (001) hydrogen-terminated diamond with lightly boron doped has been performed using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy technique. 70 nm Ir islands were formed on hydrogen-terminated diamond surface using anodic aluminum oxide. The ΦBH value for Ir/hydrogen-terminated diamond was −0.43 ± 0.14 eV, indicating that Ir was a suitable metal for ohmic contact with hydrogen-terminated diamond. The band diagram of Ir/hydrogen-terminated diamond was obtained. The experimental ΦBH was compared with the theoretical ΦBH in this work.


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