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Beam-induced crystallization of amorphous Me–Si–C (Me = Nb or Zr) thin films during transmission electron microscopy

  • Olof Tengstrand (a1), Nils Nedfors (a2), Matilda Andersson (a2), Jun Lu (a1), Ulf Jansson (a2), Axel Flink (a3), Per Eklund (a1) and Lars Hultman (a1)...


We report that an electron beam focused for high-resolution imaging rapidly initiates observable crystallization of amorphous Me–Si–C films. For 200-keV electron irradiation of Nb–Si–C and Zr–Si–C films, crystallization is observed at doses of ~2.8 × 109 and ~4.7 × 109 e/nm2, respectively. The crystallization process is driven by atomic displacement events, rather than heating from the electron beam as in situ annealing (400–600 °C) retains the amorphous state. Our findings demand a critical analysis of alleged amorphous and nanocrystalline ceramics including reassessing previous reports on nanocrystalline Me–Si–C films for possible electron-beam-induced crystallization effects.


Corresponding author

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