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Three-dimensional integration: An industry perspective

  • Subramanian S. Iyer (a1)


The field of electronics packaging is undergoing a significant transition to accommodate the slowing down of lithographically driven semiconductor scaling. Three-dimensional (3D) integration is an important component of this transition and promises to revolutionize the way chips are assembled and interconnected in a subsystem. In this article, we develop the key attributes of 3D integration, the enablers and the challenges that need to be overcome before widespread acceptance by industry. While we are already seeing the proliferation of applications in the memory subsystem, the best is yet to come with the heterogeneous integration of a diverse set of technologies, the mixing of lithographic nodes and an economic argument for its implementation based on overall system function, and cost rather than a narrow component-based analysis. Finally, an extension to monolithic 3D integration promises even further benefits.



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