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Testing and evaluation of thermal-barrier coatings

  • Robert Vaßen (a1), Yutaka Kagawa (a2), Ramesh Subramanian (a3), Paul Zombo (a4) and Dongming Zhu (a5)...


Thermal-barrier coatings are complex systems with properties that largely depend on their specific microstructure. Their properties change during operation, typically leading to degradation. A further difficulty arises from the fact that this degradation also depends on specific loading conditions that can be rather complex. Different laboratory setups are described that simulate, at least partially, the actual loading conditions. In addition, sensing and nondestructive methods are described that are targeted toward reliable operation of a gas-turbine engine with thermal-barrier coated components.



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Testing and evaluation of thermal-barrier coatings

  • Robert Vaßen (a1), Yutaka Kagawa (a2), Ramesh Subramanian (a3), Paul Zombo (a4) and Dongming Zhu (a5)...


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