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Surface Analysis by Laser Ionization

  • J.B. Pallix, C.H. Becker and N. Newman


An overview is presented of a recently developed surface analysis method that combines (1) desorption of neutral atoms and molecules from a sample, typically by sputtering, (2) efficient uniform ionization close to but above the surface by an intense ultraviolet laser beam, and (3) time-of-flight mass spectrometry. This technique, surface analysis by laser ionization, or SALI, provides extremely efficient and sensitive quantitative analysis of surfaces and materials with high depth resolution. Essentially any type of material can be analyzed as evidenced by the examples presented here: the Au-GaAs system, a phosphor-silicate glass, and a bulk polymer.



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Surface Analysis by Laser Ionization

  • J.B. Pallix, C.H. Becker and N. Newman


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