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Starch-based foam composite materials: Processing and bioproducts

  • Gregory M. Glenn (a1), Syed H. Imam (a2) and William J. Orts (a3)


Starch is an abundant, biodegradable, renewable, and low-cost commodity that has been explored as a replacement for petroleum-based plastics. By itself, starch is a poor replacement for plastics because of its moisture sensitivity and brittle properties. Using starch as a fermentation feedstock, various promising biodegradable plastic products have been developed that rival petroleum-based plastics and are poised to enter the marketplace or are already in production. Other starch-based plastics are blends with other compatible resins or are based on chemical treatments that improve the functional properties of various products. While these approaches are very promising, there are efforts under way to develop viable products from starch by using different processing technologies and by combining starch with other materials to make functional composites. This article focuses on different technologies for making starch-based foam materials and the use of reinforcing fibers and nanoparticles for making composites that can substitute for some petroleum-based foam products.



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Starch-based foam composite materials: Processing and bioproducts

  • Gregory M. Glenn (a1), Syed H. Imam (a2) and William J. Orts (a3)


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