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Porphyrin and macrocycle derivatives for electrochemical water splitting

  • Qi Li (a1), Yue Bao (a2) and Feng Bai (a3)


Hydrogen is a promising alternative fuel for efficient energy production and storage, with water splitting considered one of the cleanest, environmentally friendly, and sustainable approaches to generate hydrogen. Electrochemically catalyzed water splitting plays an important role in energy conversion for the development of hydrogen-based energy sources. Porphyrin and macrocycle derivatives are versatile and can electrochemically catalyze water splitting efficiently. Because of the significance of molecule activation of electrochemical water splitting, this article covers recent progress in hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution reactions catalyzed by porphyrin and macrocycle derivatives.



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Porphyrin and macrocycle derivatives for electrochemical water splitting

  • Qi Li (a1), Yue Bao (a2) and Feng Bai (a3)


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