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Movie-mode dynamic electron microscopy

  • Thomas LaGrange (a1), Bryan W. Reed (a2) and Daniel J. Masiel (a3)


The need to understand fast, complex physical phenomena through direct in situ observation has spurred the development of high-time-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Two complementary approaches have emerged: the single-shot and stroboscopic techniques. Single-shot TEM has advanced through the development of dynamic transmission electron microscopy (DTEM) and, more recently, by the advent of movie-mode DTEM, which enables high-frame-rate in situ TEM experimentation by capturing nanosecond-scale sequences of images or diffraction patterns. Previous DTEM studies produced only single snapshots of fast material processes. Movie-mode DTEM provides the ability to track the creation, motion, and interaction of individual defects, phase fronts, and chemical reaction fronts, providing invaluable information on the chemical, microstructural, and atomic-level features that govern rapid material processes. This article discusses movie-mode DTEM technology, its application in the study of reaction dynamics in Ti–B-based reactive nanolaminates, and future instrumentation.



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