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Modeling twinning, detwinning, and dynamic recrystallization of magnesium alloys

  • Huamiao Wang (a1), Shuangming Li (a2), Dayong Li (a3), Gwénaëlle Proust (a4), Yixiang Gan (a5), Kun Yan (a6), Ding Tang (a7), Peidong Wu (a8) and Yinghong Peng (a9)...


Magnesium alloys usually lack “operative deformation slip mechanisms” because of their hexagonal close-packed structure. Therefore, the mechanical behavior of magnesium alloys at different temperatures is dictated by other deformation mechanisms such as twinning, detwinning, secondary twinning, or dynamic recrystallization (DRX). Twinning and DRX can affect the development of grain size and orientation distribution, as well as the deformation behavior of magnesium alloys. The current understanding of the mechanisms and mechanics of these different deformation modes and their implementation in crystal plasticity-based modeling are highlighted in this article. Future directions in the development of constitutive models are also discussed.



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Modeling twinning, detwinning, and dynamic recrystallization of magnesium alloys

  • Huamiao Wang (a1), Shuangming Li (a2), Dayong Li (a3), Gwénaëlle Proust (a4), Yixiang Gan (a5), Kun Yan (a6), Ding Tang (a7), Peidong Wu (a8) and Yinghong Peng (a9)...


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