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Interplay of structure and mechanics in silk/carbon nanocomposites

  • Jing Ren (a1), Yawen Liu (a2), David L. Kaplan (a3) and Shengjie Ling (a4)


Silk and carbon nanomaterials, such as graphene oxide, graphene, and carbon nanotubes, have complementary mechanical properties that feature superior toughness and strength, respectively. Different strategies have been devoted to developing silk/carbon nanocomposites, but challenges remain to fully integrate the mechanical advantages of these two components into one synergistic material system. In this article, we provide a critical summary of structure–mechanics relationships in silk/carbon nanocomposites and highlight the impact of the interaction between silk and carbon nanomaterials on mechanical properties of the hybrid materials. We describe the challenges involved and directions for future designs of silk/carbon nanocomposites.



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Interplay of structure and mechanics in silk/carbon nanocomposites

  • Jing Ren (a1), Yawen Liu (a2), David L. Kaplan (a3) and Shengjie Ling (a4)


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