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Initiating New Academic Programs in Materials Science

  • M. Mundschau


Materials science has come of age. The need now exists to establish programs in education and research in materials science at colleges and universities throughout the world. It is not realistic to expect that every university will receive funds to found entirely new programs. However, the infrastructure for materials science already exists at most universities that have offered traditional studies in the natural sciences. It is the purpose of this article to provide ideas and suggestions for initiating new academic programs in materials science by using existing resources. The major prerequisite for success is a faculty and staff who are willing and able to adapt to a rapidly advancing scientific environment and who have the individual initiative to seize and profit from the many new opportunities in materials science. This article reports an experiment in progress at Bowling Green State University, Ohio which uses the strengths of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics and Technology to develop a new program in materials science. I hope it will serve as a model for other universities.



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Initiating New Academic Programs in Materials Science

  • M. Mundschau


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