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High-dimensional and high-resolution x-ray tomography for energy materials science

  • Zhenjiang Yu (a1), Jiajun Wang (a2) and Yijin Liu (a3)


At the forefront of developments in synchrotron x-ray microscopy, nanoscale-resolution high-dimensional spectrotomography under controlled sample environments has been demonstrated. Such cutting-edge experimental capability has been broadly applied to scientific studies in the field of energy materials science, where the dynamically evolving structural and chemical defects play a vital role in the functionality. In this article, we review novel developments of this technique from both experimental and data/information mining perspectives. Using studies on lithium-ion battery electrode materials as examples, we highlight the rich information in the high-dimensional and high-resolution x-ray tomographic data, which can be used to interpret the complicated thermal-electro-chemo-mechanical interplay that occurs under the operating conditions and collectively determines battery performance. We also discuss the frontier challenges in this field and our perspectives of the future directions in the context of projected major developments in the landscape of large-scale x-ray facilities across the globe.



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High-dimensional and high-resolution x-ray tomography for energy materials science

  • Zhenjiang Yu (a1), Jiajun Wang (a2) and Yijin Liu (a3)


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