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Efficient and stable electrocatalysts for water splitting

  • Xiuming Bu (a1), Yanguang Li (a2) and Johnny C. Ho (a3)


Water-splitting electrolysis, using a renewable power source, has been widely considered as a promising energy conservation and storage technology that is environmentally friendly. In order to lower the required energy barrier and to improve the energy-conversion efficiency of hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution on the electrodes, highly efficient and durable electrocatalysts are essential. To date, various preparation methods and theoretical models have been developed to accelerate the catalyst design and to further understand the associated electrocatalytic mechanism. In this issue of MRS Bulletin, all aspects of non-noble metal-based electrocatalysts for water splitting involving standard methodology, surface electronic structure engineering, morphology design, interface effects, pH operation range, activity descriptors, and operational stability are discussed. These discussions indicate the importance of materials innovations for the realization of highly efficient and durable electrocatalysts for large-scale cost-effective water splitting.

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      Efficient and stable electrocatalysts for water splitting
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      Efficient and stable electrocatalysts for water splitting
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      Efficient and stable electrocatalysts for water splitting
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Efficient and stable electrocatalysts for water splitting

  • Xiuming Bu (a1), Yanguang Li (a2) and Johnny C. Ho (a3)


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