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Direct-Writing of Three-Dimensional Structures Using Laser-Based Processes

  • M. Stuke, K. Mueller, T. Mueller, K. Williams, R. Oliver, D.A.A. Ohlberg, G. Fuhr and R. S. Williams...


Three-dimensional structures of selected materials can be written directly to the precise locations required using laser exposure of suitable gaseous precursor mixtures. Writing speeds exceeding 50 μm/s can be achieved. Examples presented in this work include the creation of a tiny time-of-flight laser ionization mass spectrometer, laserdriven movable micro-objects, and an ac electric-field microcage for storage, handling, and transferring small neutral objects in aqueous solution. The impact for lasercontrolled site-selective growth of carbon nanotube cables is demonstrated.



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Direct-Writing of Three-Dimensional Structures Using Laser-Based Processes

  • M. Stuke, K. Mueller, T. Mueller, K. Williams, R. Oliver, D.A.A. Ohlberg, G. Fuhr and R. S. Williams...


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