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Characterization of Porous Solids

  • Douglas M. Smith, Duen-Wu Hua and William L. Earl


Progress in the synthesis and engineering of advanced porous materials demands better pore structure characterization. The analysis of pore structure is complicated by (1) the wide range in pore sizes observed, from molecular (<1 nm) to macroscopic (>1 mm) dimensions, (2) complex pore shapes and connectivities, (3) chemical and physical heterogeneities, and (4) pore structure changes that can occur during characterization.

The required pore structure information varies with application. Bulk density and the pore-size distribution are needed for thermal insulation. In this case, the dimension of interest is the so-called hydraulic radius since, for small pores, the gas-phase conductivity is proportional to the mean hydraulic radius to the mean free path. A few large but isolated pores will significantly affect conductivity but will go undetected in typical gas-absorption methods. In contrast, for separations, bottlenecks control performance. For transport, such as migration through geologic formations, both the pore-size distribution and pore connectivity are important. For adsorption, surface area and pore size are the relevant factors. Finally, the conventional concepts of pore structure lose meaning as the pore size approaches molecular dimensions, typical of adsorbents and gas-separation membranes.



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Characterization of Porous Solids

  • Douglas M. Smith, Duen-Wu Hua and William L. Earl


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