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UV/ozone Surface Modification for Long-term Stable Hydrophilic Surface of Polymer Microfluidic Devices

  • Shogo Uehara (a1), Tsukasa Kawabe (a1), Peter Wood (a1) and Osamu Tsuji (a2)


Faster and more effective surface modification processes of polymer materials by UV/ozone treatment were investigated. The employment of ex-situ generated ozone and/or temperature control contributed to the faster and more effective modification. The UV/ozone treatment showed long-term stable hydrophilic surfaces for 6 months, in contrast to oxygen plasma treatment, which showed hydrophobic recovery. XPS analysis revealed that UV/ozone treatment with ex-situ generated ozone and temperature control added ester (-COOR) on COP sample compared to UV/ozone treatment without the additional ozone and temperature control.


Corresponding author


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