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Ultrathin molecule-based magnetic conductors: A step towards flexible electronics

  • Naureen Akhtar (a1), Michiel C. Donker (a2), Tenzin Kunsel (a1), Paul H. M. van Loosdrecht (a3), Thomas T.M. Palstra (a1) and Petra Rudolf (a1)...


Organic-inorganic hybrid materials have shown a remarkable and rapid development during the past decade because they can be tailored to obtain new device concepts with controlled physical properties. Here, we report on the electronic and magnetic properties of multilayer organic-inorganic hybrid films. Electrical transport properties arising from the π electrons in the organic layer are characteristic of a metallic state at high temperature and evolve into a state described by two-dimensional variable range hopping when temperature decreases below 150 K. The intrinsic electronic behavior of the hybrid films was further studied via the optical properties in the IR range. The optical response confirms the metallic character of the hybrid films. In the second part, the magnetic properties are discussed. A long-range ferromagnetic order with an ordering temperature of ∼ 1 K is revealed in the Gd-based hybrid film. The Cu-based hybrid film, however, shows more extended ferromagnetic exchange interactions than the Gd-based hybrid LB film.


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Ultrathin molecule-based magnetic conductors: A step towards flexible electronics

  • Naureen Akhtar (a1), Michiel C. Donker (a2), Tenzin Kunsel (a1), Paul H. M. van Loosdrecht (a3), Thomas T.M. Palstra (a1) and Petra Rudolf (a1)...


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