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Two modes of bipolar resistive switching characteristics in asymmetric TaOx-based ReRAM cells

  • Toshiki Miyatani (a1), Yusuke Nishi (a1) and Tsunenobu Kimoto (a1)


Impacts of a forming process on bipolar resistive switching (RS) characteristics in Pt/TaOx/Ta2O5/Pt cells were investigated. We found that the forming resulted in a transition from an initial state to a particular high resistance state (HRS) in most of the Pt/TaOx/Ta2O5/Pt cells. Evaluation of electrical characteristics after the transition to the particular HRS revealed that two modes of bipolar RS with the conventional polarity based on valence change mechanism and with the opposite polarity could be selectively obtained by adjusting the magnitude of the applied voltage. Moreover, the cell resistance decreased gradually during set processes in the bipolar RS with the opposite polarity.


Corresponding author


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Two modes of bipolar resistive switching characteristics in asymmetric TaOx-based ReRAM cells

  • Toshiki Miyatani (a1), Yusuke Nishi (a1) and Tsunenobu Kimoto (a1)


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