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Thin -film transistors based on Zinc Oxide channel layer and Molybdenum doped Indium Oxide transparent electrodes

  • Mateusz Tomasz Mądzik (a1), Elangovan Elamurugu (a1), Raquel Flores (a1) and Jaime Viegas (a1)


Thin-film transistors (TFT) were fabricated at room-temperature (RT) utilizing zinc oxide (ZnO) channel and indium molybdenum oxide (IMO) electrodes. The common bottom-gate TFTs were fabricated on commercially available thermal silicon oxide (100 nm thick) coated silicon wafers. A total of 100 devices were made in a 1 inch square area as 10 × 10 matrix, by varying the channel width and length, between 5 µm and 300 µm. Output and transfer characteristics of the fabricated devices were extracted from a semiconductor parameter analyzer. A threshold voltage (V Th ) of 10 V and an I ON /I OFF ratio of 1 × 10-5 were obtained. The impact of channel dimensions on the device performance was investigated, confirming that the saturation current (I sat ) is directly proportional to the channel width (W), and inversely proportional to channel length (L), in agreement with field effect device theory.


Corresponding author


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